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Queen of Peace AnnouncementsBulletin 03-29-2020

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

An Update on Our Parish Reopening

My Dear Friends,

I attended a webinar with the Archdiocese about the opening of Churches. Unless Governor Wolf indicates differently we will resume public Mass on Saturday June 6th at 8 A.M. We will resume our normal weekday and Sunday Mass schedule. I will offer you the salient points that apply to Queen of Peace. Many of these we have already anticipated and will be in place.

First let me remind everyone that the Dispensation given by Archbishop Perez from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation will remain in effect until further notice. Your safety is most important. If you are sick or have recently been in contact with someone who was or is sick please stay at home! We will have no touch thermometers available at the entrances if needed.We will do the best we can to keep our church sanitized. Cleaners will be in twice a week for this purpose, and I am sure someone will assist me in sanitizing the pews between Masses. Hint Hint! Please contact me at qofpprep@comcast.net or 215 887 1838 ext. 17 if you are able to assist.

We will be allowed to have a 50% of our seating capacity for Masses. We must also follow the following CDC directives:

  • All are required to wear masks at all times while in the Church.
  • There must be social distancing. We have already designated pews for occupancy and others are blocked off to keep the 6 foot distance. That being said, we need to everyone to use their common sense about distancing in the pew itself. Naturally families who live together would be able to sit together, but everyone else is expected to leave a space between you and a "pew mate."
  • After consultation with our music staff, we will know if there will be music. The missalettes are put away for safety sake.So we will have :a sing along!
  • Offertory processions and Communion under both species are still suspended. We will not have altar servers, students or adult until we are in the green phase. Their safety is most important to me.
  • Eucharist/Holy Communion will be distributed both in the hand and on the tongue. We will ask communicants to come forward in a single line to receive. Those who wish to receive Eucharist on the tongue will be directed to a place apart. After the Host has been placed on the tongue the minister will sanitize his/her hands. Anyone who wishes to receive a low gluten host will follow our procedure already in place.
  • There will be a collection. I shall meet with the ushers before Mass begins to answer any questions they might have.
  • At the end of Mass, please exit the Church and proceed directly to your vehicle and not congregate. Please remember SAFETY FIRST. You don't want any accidents created by traffic or unaware pedestrians.
  • When printed parish bulletins resume, we will have locations for you to pick up your bulletin. If you touch a bulletin, please take it home with you, do not leave it in the pew.
  • As more is given to me, I shall the best I can to transmit ASAP to you. Home visitation will resume when we are allowed.

    I want to thank everyone for their spiritual and financial support or your parish.

    God Bless!!! See you in Church!

    Father Larry

    My dear people. Like you I am thankful that we will soon be able to return to public Masses. It has been a hardship for all of us. For you not to be able to receive the Eucharist has certainly challenged your faith NOT in God but in society. For me to pray the Mass without you is heart wrenching! Yet we know that these restrictions were/are in place for the common good. We may not like them nor agree with them but our Catholic Christian identity is that we are servant people who in love make sacrifices both great and small for the sake of others.

    When we return to public Masses, we will resume our normal Mass schedule. The Eucharist will be distributed in the hand. A previous message states, "a distinct Communion station may be available for those who choose to receive on the tongue and the Communion minister will purify/sanitize after each communion."

    Until we enter the green phase, it is likely that we will not use missalettes or hymnals, nor will there be a procession of the gifts. When Parish bulletins become available, they will be left on tables for your convenience. Remember the parish Bulletin is also available on line.

    At the present time, I have not received any information about social activities or meetings on our property. I expect we will all be informed through the news or some other form of social media.

    I thank you for your prayers and your emotional support. Please know you have been and are in my prayers more than the traffic and weather on KYW. In this time of financial uncertainty, I also thank those who have been able to financially support our parish.


    In mid-March, the celebration of public Mass was suspended in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the obligation for the faithful to attend Mass was dispensed. Those decisions were not made lightly and were always intended to be temporary measures.

    They were made out of necessity for the common good and in recognition of the fact that all of us share a responsibility for the preservation of public health, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this unprecedented time, the Archdiocese has made every effort to provide for the spiritual needs of the faithful as well as the temporal needs of those who benefit from its many charitable works.

    It is important to note that Catholic churches in the Archdiocese have never been closed. Local parish churches have remained open for private prayer as well as the celebration of the Sacraments Baptism, Penance, Matrimony, and funeral Masses at the discretion of the local pastor and with respect for guidelines from public health officials as they have evolved over time.

    Based on recent statements from government officials at the state level, it is anticipated that the five-county region comprising the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will move into the “yellow” phase of the statewide re-opening plan by Friday, June 5th. As such, it is projected that the celebration of daily and Sunday Masses will resume beginning on Saturday, June 6th.

    The administration of the Archdiocese has been working in consultation with public health officials to ensure that such a resumption takes place within the context of state approved guidelines and is actively working to provide appropriate guidance to its clergy so that all will be as prepared as possible when the public celebration of Mass begins again. All of us are eager to open the doors of Church wide for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

    The period immediately following the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions requires us to be ready to assist people to reintegrate into an active, in person engagement with parish life. As a result, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia previously launched an initiative aimed at achieving this goal, “Arise!: Restoring Catholic Life After the Pandemic.” Further information about this program can be found at http://archphila.org/arise/.

    Governor Wolf and the PA Department of Education are looking to take most of the funding that Congress wants distributed equitably in COVID-19 relief to ALL schools in PA and across the country.

    Pennsylvania received $471 million in funding from Washington. But PCC Education Director Sean McAleer says "the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) created its own set of rules to distribute that money that blatantly ignores federal guidance. The end result significantly lowers the amounts to be given to Catholic and nonpublic school students."

    McAleer broke down the disparity this way: "the Wolf Administration is calling for roughly $19 million to go to Catholic and nonpublic schools students, while Washington is calling for $66 million. The Wolf administration is misappropriating some $47 million in federal funds and harming families who have chosen to send their children to Catholic and nonpublic schools."

    "Catholic and nonpublic school students matter," said McAleer. "We are asking Mr. Wolf and Education Secretary Pedro Rivera to please follow the federal guidelines! In a time when thousands of Pennsylvania's children and families are suffering and struggling to make ends meet, the administration has chosen to cause further harm by refusing to allocate money as directed by the federal government."

    Please urge Governor Wolf and Secretary of Education Mr. Pedro Rivera to not divert Federal CARES Act Money from Catholic and nonpublic schools.

    Click the link below to log in and send your message: https://www.votervoice.net/BroadcastLinks/R_EYF60cmCElHGvzjZPvOA

    Contact information for Governor Wolf can be found at https://www.governor.pa.gov/contact/#OnlineForm.

    You can find contact information for your local state representative and senator by visiting https://www.pacatholic.org/resources/voter-voice/?vvsrc=%2fAddress.

    In need of Spiritual Nurishment?

    Check Out FORMED

    FORMED is an online streaming program (similar to Netflix) which you can access all sorts of faith formation videos, programs, books, movies, and podcasts from the safety and security of your home. Every Queen of Peace parishioner has 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device with internet access. It truly is the Catholic faith—on demand.

    To get FORMED, visit www.formed.org and enter our parish access code, 6DVGDP. You will then be directed to a setup a user account with a username and password. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set and can get free access to all the content on FORMED anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of the excellent resources available during the Lenten season and during these difficult days of COVID 19 shutdowns. God Bless, Stay safe, Wash Your Hands!


    Catholic families who are living within the boundaries of Queen of Peace Parish are encouraged to register at the rectory.


    Second and fourth Sunday of each month at 12:00 PM. First time parents must attend Pre-Jordan Classes (Baptismal Instruction). Parents should contact the rectory to register for Baptism and classes.


    Couples planning to marry should contact the Pastor at least six months to one year prior to the wedding date so that adequate preparations for the marriage can be made.


    Each week the Holy Eucharist is brought by an Extraordinary Minister to parishioners unable to leave their homes because of sickness or infirmity. The Anointing of the Sick will be administered upon request by the priest.


    Queen of Peace Parish has set up a Prayer Network to add all of our voices to your intention. Please use the Prayer Request Page to submit your intention.


    Sanctuary LightOur Sanctuary Candle burns 24 hours a day as long as the Eucharist is in the Tabernacle. You can dedicate this Sanctuary Light in memory of a loved one or for a special intention for one week; the names will be published in the bulletin so that your intention can be prayed for by everyone during that time. The donation is $25. Contact the parish office to reserve your date. This week (May 24) the Sanctuary Light is for the intentions of Charlotte Kreitzer and her sons Tommy & Danny. Requested by Theresa & Steve Ungvarsky.



    The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is taking action to keep children safe. Archdiocesan policy states that all Church volunteers and paid employees must possess clearances as required by Pennsylvania law and to complete mandatory training . Queen of Peace is dedicated to the mission of protecting children. If you work or volunteer within the parish, please follow the link to the Office for Child and Youth Protection where you will find additional information and instructions for obtaining clearances and registering for training. Please contact our Safe Environment Coordinator, Lorraine Pfeiffer, at qofpservices@comcast.net for further assistance.


    Fall sports registration is now open for our Girls Volleyball team (grades 5 thru 8) and Cross Country (grades K thru 8)

    If you would like to participate in either of these sports, registration is open from now until August 15th. You may download the Registration Form HERE. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding volleyball, you can contact Laura Miele-Pascoe at lmiele13@gmail.com and for cross country, you can contact Aimee or Ryan O'Hara (ohara417@comcast.net) Distances for cross country are 2k (K-3) 3k (4-7th) and 4k for 8th graders.


    Sister Helen Thomas, I.H.M. ~ Principal
    835 North Hills Avenue, Ardsley, PA 19038
    Phone: 215-886-4782 • Fax: 215-517-6708
    School Website: www.gscregional.org

    Marilyn Shapiro ~ School Business Manager
    Phone: 215-884-1591 • Fax: 215-887-9241

    Advancement Office
    Phone: 215-886-0126